27/28.9.19- Draycote Hotel, Rugby - UK

Get Stuff Done III

Build yourself, build your tribe, build your brand, build your profits

Two days of awesome coaching, Insight, learning, team building, workshops, awards, merch and all the usual Aesthetic Entrepreneur level fun.
GSD is an opportunity to feel at home, be inspired, learn & grow with a family you never knew you had.

Real Coaching

Refine your consultation process, and maximise its impact.

Learn how to get out of your own way and stop sabotaging your success.

Digital Media production workshops, helping you create polished content.

Sales skills training to convert your relationships to sales

Real experts

Discovery how to maximise your sales with Claire Williams, Sales Director and founder of the WoW Facial.
Lessons on design and creative from Russell Turner,  the creator of the iconic Hotel Chocolat brand.
Simple and effective insights on how to get massive growth in from Richard Crawford-Small, the award-winning consultant.
Get your A Game on with mindset coaching from Karen Font-Garcia, the coaches coach.
Sharpen up your consultations with our RADA-trained theatre company.

With real content

“Outstanding speakers organised by Richard Crawford Small. Really felt it was about self care and putting yourself first to be a better leader , entrepreneur and all round nice peep. Be good to yourself and everything will fall into place. Everything is coming from a place of understanding and kindness that’s my motto after this weekend. Enlightened and feel very very spiritually positive about my business future and my personal future because of this ❤️

Our Speakers

Claire Williams

Managing Director

WOW facial Ltd

RWT Creative

Founder - iConsult



A fun workshop that will teach you the fundamentals of creating messages that engage and attract the right clients.




  • 1000
  • Kick Off
  • 1015
  • Create a sales and marketing plan that you'll actually use, because it works
  • 1115
  • How to get out of your own way and stop sabotaging yourself
Karen Font-Garcia
  • 1300
  • The art of selling
Claire Williams
  • 1400
  • Visual storytelling
Russell Turner
  • 1500
  • The secret of my success
Helen Taylor
  • 1600
  • Crafting consultations
Jo Sargeant

Hot Coals Theatre Company

  • 1700
  • Cross-country Hockey Shooting Practice
  • 1800
  • Networking Drinks - courtesy of Hamilton Fraser Insurance

Three Course Dinner and the Aesthetic Entrepreneur Awards. Rewarding Bravery, creativity and Getting Shit Done.

* The Aesthetic Entrepreneur of the year
* Aesthetic Entrepreneurs entrepreneur of the year
* Marketing Campaign of the year
* The Buzz Killington Special Achievement Award

Saturday 27th April - Day Two Agenda




  • 1000
  • Brand building the Hotel Chocolat way
Russell Turner
  • 1300
  • Leading your team to excellence and profit
Karen Font-Garcia
  • 1600
  • Bringing it all together
Getting It Done.
  • 1730
  • Close

Two days with us and, your business will never be the same again.


I have not long been in the group but In 2 weeks I have managed to change my way of thinking and get myself the focus I needed to do something when I was doing nothing. I have a support network quality advise contacts and a bunch of new friends! Thank You x
A great 2 days learning new approaches to my business. Enabled me to go away excited at the prospect of new ideas. Loved the fact we could be ourselves and share our business and life challenges. A lovely collection of women in business that I know we will stay in contact.
Belonging to this group is like. Breath of fresh air, everyone helping each other. Amazing advice from Richard and team. Thankyou so much for believing in us and guiding us to build a better business and identifying our own needs.
Richard and his team cannot be replicated. GSD day was more than just getting “shit” done, for me it gave me so much more:New friends;a better understanding of myself and my business, and where I want to take it. Most of all how I learnt HOW to get there. I look forward to taking my business and marketing to the next level!
I felt overwhelmed in my business and life. After the GSD I see the light! And I have more clarity and the tools I need to develop my business in a healthy, structures and meaningful way. I have met some amazing people along the way and the online support is empowering and supportive.
Being relatively new to the industry it's hard to know who to trust and where to go to get sound help and advise from, especially in a business sense. This group has so many wonderful people in it who are so supportive, it feels like I know each and every one!!

What does it cost?

The cost for this 2 day event is just £399 per person.


We’ve also negotiated a discounted rate for bed & breakfast should you wish to stay an additional night (either before or after) which is £75 for a single occupant and £85 for double. 

If you wanted to drag your poor unsuspecting partner to the dinner on the Friday night, an additional dinner, room and breakfast is £40, (let us know ASAP!)

We have strictly limited places – when we are full, we are full!

Limited Spaces Available - Register now

Partners & Sponsors

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